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"Being a one man band I need access to my supplier after hours in order to obtain quotes and place orders for the following day or even that day. The service that JLB provides enables me to access that facility when I require without abusing the service "

Simon Newton, Newton Heating & Plumbing, New Brighton

"Not only is the service they provide better than anybody else, the prices are competitive and the professional advice is excellent also "

Pete Offland, PM Plumbing & Heating, Moreton

"I rang JLB Supplies for the first time a few months ago, and they had the items I required to the job within the hour, meaning that I could get on with what I was being paid to do and leave the rest to them "

Mike, Coastal Plumbing & Heating, Wallasey

"I found the service that JLB provides not just professional, but they actually care about what they do, and if they say they are going to be there at a certain time, they usually get there on time or else call you to let you know, which is all that I require "

Norman Jones, N.M.Jones, Wallasey

"The concept of carrying a comprehensive stock of basic materials on the van is so simple but extremely ingenious, even down to consumables such as gas bottles, the service JLB provide is by far the best around "

Phil Scott Heating & Plumbing, Meols

"Not only is the service excellent, but as a developer I value their advice with regard to heating and bathrooms, and the JLB brochure is packed with great ideas at good competitive prices "

Dave Wilson, KPW Developments, Barnston

"By using the services of JLB you know you are getting the best service around because you are dealing with the owners from the initial quote, to delivery and invoicing, and if you have an issue, it is dealt with quickly and efficiently "

John Parkins Plumbing and Heating, Wallasey

"The best service around by far, I now have the confidence of my engineers getting to the job, assess what is required to complete and call JLB with a list of materials, and they are there within the hour, on time in full. JLB has really found a niche in the market for the small installer as we often are the forgotten ones with the bigger merchants "

Paul Faulkner, Elmwood Property Maintenance, Upton

"The heating and plumbing industry has, over the years lacked a supplier who puts the emphasis on service, and John and Lyn at JLB bring their vast experience to bear in this regard. The customer is King, and JLB make you feel good when dealing with them as you know once you have made that phone call, it gets done "

Mike Hughes Plumbing & Heating, West Kirby

"How often in the past have we all had to leave the job we are on half way through the day to go and collect material to enable us to complete the work? This is now a thing of the past for me, all I do is give JLB a call and they are there within the hour with all I require to complete my work. This service is invaluable to me in terms of time and money, and I encourage other installers to utilise this service and experience the value for money it has provided me "

David Alexander, Alexander Plumbing & Heating Services, Heswall / Mobile No. 07752 767886

"Like many others before me, I have used all the well-known suppliers through force of habit, and experienced a fair amount of frustration when they don’t or are unable to deliver when I require the materials, or in some cases don’t have a van available! Well now that I have been using JLB, all those issues are a thing of the past. I can call them in the evening, obtain a quote, and agree a delivery time that suits me, not them, and my material is there on time and in full, and delivered by the owner! Brilliant service, thank you JLB "

John Fitzpatrick, JF Heating & Plumbing, Heswall

"“I only required a few items to complete the job I was on, so had to decide whether to leave and go and pick up what I required, which would have meant a round trip of 15 miles, at least an hour off the job and the probability of not finishing that day as it was now 3.30pm. So I called JLB and they were with me in 30 minutes with all I required and I was able to complete the job and be home at a reasonable time. I will now be using JLB on a regular basis for my materials, excellent service, and a brilliant concept "

British Gas Contractor

"Being a developer and working for Landlords, I am often on a tight schedule to complete to enable tenants to move in etc. I recently had to complete a bathroom over a weekend and found myself needing some materials on Sunday evening! I’ve used John at JLB on many occasions and so gave him a call. As is mostly the case, he had what I required on his van, so I popped around and picked the items up and was able to complete that evening. This just emphasises the service that JLB provide. They have raised the bar to such a level that the others are left struggling in their wake "

Mark Waldron, Waldron Construction, Birkenhead

"Whoever said that biggest is best did not reckon with JLB Supplies when it comes to servicing the small to medium sized installer on the Wirral. Their service is excellent, backed up by sound advice and a professional approach. They are a breath of fresh air in our industry and have certainly saved me time and money over the last few months "

Dave Pritchard, Ecomax Heating Ltd, Wallasey

"I have being using JLB Supplies for a number of months now, and the service that they give is second to none. Leaving the job at any time costs me time and money, which I can ill afford, and the service that JLB provides enables me to continue working, and they bring the items I require to me, simple but brilliant "

Steve Challinor of ADS Heating, Wallasey